Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm Finally Back

It's been a while since I've posted due to computer problems. It's a love/hate relationship I have with technology. When everything is going smooth, you don't realize really how nice that is until your computer crashes! I finally went out and invested in a new one. I had forgotton how fast these computers can go after spending so long on a slower than molassas gone dry model!

Well enough of that. I would like to show you a new painting that I just finished and it is up for sale now. It's my portrait of the Manatee. I love these creatures and hope to someday visit them. They are from everything I have researched very gentle mammals.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Animals In Need Close To Home

I am have a new lens in Squidoo on for our shelter our here in the Pacific Northwest. It is in great need of a new home. If your interested in helping animals in need please donate at SouthwestHumane.org. Thank you for your help.

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is undertaking the greatest challenge in our 110 year history ~ the building of a new, appropriately equipped facility. Our new home will be a source of pride for the entire Southwest Washington community.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Selling Handmade Makes A Difference

Just finished my 2nd Art and Craft Fair here in Vancouver. There were so many talented people. I enjoyed the way people used there creativity to come up with all the different designs and ideas for children and as well as adults.

I ended up selling more of my craft wares than my paintings at this event. I was even in the local NorthBank magazine for the southwest Washington. It takes alot of work to get something like this together. Planning way a head is the key. Making sure you have business cards updated, brochures, gift certificates and if you do create custom work, put up some kind of sign to let your customers know you can personalize it or custom make a design for them if their interested. So if your a crafter or artist get out there to your community and sell handmade!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

My new Pacific Northwest calendar as well as other gifts are on sale now. As some of you know I love that area. It is beautiful year round. Watching the storms over the ocean is something that I never tire of. As well as the beautiful sunsets and tidepools that are teaming with life. I am always finding new things to photograph and paint here. I hope you enjoy the many beautiful photos of this calendar as well as the many other gifts that are available.

Please go to Visons In Nature to see this calendar and more.

Photo Calendars On Sale Now, Plus More

Happy New Year to all of you and I wish you a very healthy and prosperous one. I just finished putting together a Pacific Northwest calendar of Cannon Beach. Some of you may know, I love that area. It is beautiful year round. I hope you enjoy this as well as other items from my store that also make great holiday gifts.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Giving Back To My Favorite Charity

I finally finished my collage for the Humane Society of Southwest Washington. I will donate it to their auction next year. I thought I should start early this time. They are building a much needed new shelter. They are going from a 11,000 sq. foot facility to a 30,000 sq ft single story building which will double their capacity for dogs and triple the capacity for cats. Many hands, many hearts are making this a reality. We are so grateful. If your interested in donating please click on http://southwesthumane.org/ and donate now! Please let them know Michelle Tourtillott sent you!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost Time

Well, the summer is starting to slowing come to a close here. School starts for my girls in 3 weeks and we are off to see family in Colorado before that happens. We've had really unusually hot weather here in the Pacific NW and today I heard my first huge thunder clap! It almost sounded like an explosion, it was so loud. Then the rain came. It's actually been several weeks since we've had a good rain. So this is good. I love the sunshine, but a little rain is always nice and needed too. Back in Colorado they've had their share of weird weather. They've had some very hot days and it's cooled down 30 to 40 degrees in a very short period.

I went into Portland yesterday and found a 70% off sale on stretched canvases! I had to buy one. I got a 30 X 40. It just made since. It was the biggest one and down to 17.00 from 60.00! Can't beat that. I'm still not sure what I'll paint, so it will sit there for a bit till schools in gear and I have several hours to play! So stay tuned. I'll post when I get started.